Tão felizes juntos,uma trindade

So happy together autumn fruits and pork bring about a menage a trois
So happy together, nudged up,like jitterbug jiving GI´s or lindyhopping wartime couples on a crowded and hot dance floor, sweetly basting the pair on the hop next to them.So too the close proximity of succulent, juicy, late summer or early autumn fruits and chunks of pork skewered up tightly together, creates a marriage of flavours when their juices start to perspire, mixing and mingling.
I have taken my inspiration here from a recent recipe in the Observer by Mr Nigel Slater.I had an idea in my back head to combine pork and mango on a skewer and then grill it.This has been on my “To Do” list longer than clean out, paint and insulate the garden shed and wire up the lights in the gazebo.All these were on my top ten of things to do before I turned sixty.Alas that day has long since passed. Oh well,Fruit with meat a do or a don´t? I have never been a great fan of the fruit and main course combo, but this works wonderfully. My original idea was to grill the pork and mango skewers quite simply but serve them up with a satay sauce.Mr S´s idea is far simpler, more sophisticated and modern.I opted out of his mustard and olive oil marinade and went for something that introduced a few more flavours and ones that would intensify the juiciness and sweetness of the fruits.
Pork plum and mango skewers
A fruity exuberant dish that comes flying off the grill like Lindbergh´s pioneering aeroplane flight across the Atlantic in 1927

Serves 4

800g pork loin cut into cubes
4 plums red or yellow,halved or quartered depending on size of the plums
1 large  ripe mango cut into cubes the same size as the pork

1/4 cup honey
2 tbsps soy sauce
2 tbsps dijon mustard
1 1/2 tsps olive oil
2 tsps rosemary

Bring together all the ingredients for your marinade and toss in the pork cubes,mixing them well to coat in the marinade.Leave aside for a couple of hours.Meanwhile soak 8 bamboo skewers in cold water.When ready to go thread the pork on to the skewers alternately with the pieces of fruit.Heat a griddle pan to a smoky hightemperature and then rest the skewers on the grill turning each one frequently to avoid any hint of a "black bottom stomp".Keep turning until the meat is cooked through and the fruit juices are sizzling over the meat.
Serve with piri piri potato wedges


  1. I have a load of windfall plums at the moment . . . this sounds absolutely gorgeous. I have to say I find Nigel Slater rather inspiring too, as well as autumn windfalls!


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