Old pigs with fresh new honey spiced blankets

My New year canapé platter
I have been asked to provide a selection of canapés to kick off a New Years Eve party that we have been invited to. For one of the platters they have requested their favourite from Casa Rosada´s hors d ´oeuvre portfolio - Chicken liver pate toasts.The rest is up to me and this is a hard one to call as, being very close friends, they have sampled most of the canape tricks I have up my sleeve.So for my second canapé it´s Marmaduke Scarlet to the rescue.She has very wittily re-invented and spiced up the age old pigs blankets.
These quirkily named "Pigs in Blankets" are the traditional British accompaniment to the Christmas roast turkey dinner that we call "Trimmings".These so called pigs have had many incarnations, in the guise of Figs in Blankets, a recipe I posted back in October and devils on horseback,an appetizer of prunes, or less commonly dates, wrapped in bacon.
The bite sized variety of pigs in a blanket is a common hors d'oeuvre served at cocktail parties and is often accompanied by a mustard or aioli dipping sauce. Marmaduke Scarlet however has very cleverly dipped the sausages in seasonal spices before rolling them up and then knocked up a boozy spiced honey dressing.Yum yum pigs bum.She has also offered lots of variations on a the theme, so well worth a visit.Enjoy sharing some seasonal squealy wealy squigglywigglyness.Happy partying.

NOTE: If you can only get the normal size chipolata sausages, gently squeeze them in two or three places - to make 3 or 4 smaller sausages from 1 longer one; 6 normal sized sausages will yield between 18 and 24 smaller sausages!

For my third offering I have taken some elements from another of my recent posts and turned them into a canapé.Piri piri polenta chips with home made ketchup.

For those who dont approve here are some porco pretos as nature intended, wrapped up in their blankets.

Oink Oink!!!


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