Something old, something new, something borrowed... my favourite blog posts of 2012

How could you resist?-my most made recipe from another blogger 2012
This year, more than ever, a great many of the dishes I have cooked,lessons I have learned and good advice gleaned has come from fellow bloggers. As a big thank you to them, I thought I’d share some of their more inspiring and in some cases most embarassing moments of 2012.
These are their posts of 2012 that have tickled, tempted, tantalized and transmogrified me......
...and perhaps even petrified me.Back in March I thought I was experiencing a Martha Stewart moment. A recipe for Duck stock but coming in at 2,183 words with an online musical accompaniment to the post.I have to say David Leite does not do anything by halves and this was true camp David in full fling, using 25 pounds of duck necks in his recipe for stock.1261 words later and I had only just arrived at the recipe.Please persevere, dear readers, this blog post is like an essay and bear with through all the amazing comments at the end.
Its beautifully written,informative and pure genius on all levels.Thank you David, I think this takes the prize for my favourite blog post of the year.
For me the perfect food blog post should be something that makes you sit up and say"I really want to make this".The recipe should be precise and informative and the accompanying story should be a damn fine read.Not only this, but if it is a recipe using one of your favourite ingredients it makes it a winner.The following post ticked all of those boxes, a case of culinary serendipity: jerusalem artichoke and creamed spinach soup,  as did this, a recipe that celebrated the best of Spring,something  I now make time and time again, and which has now become my most made recipe from a blog in 2012.(see picture above)

Another emotive piece of nostalgic writing from Marmaduke Scarlet came our way in June: an alternative celebration: Zanzibar Day!   

I stumbled on this by accident and it brought another blogging smile to my face.

Tourettes on toast
I think this has to be my all time blogger moment. Tourettes on toast has kept me laughing and sharing this with others round many a dinner table since Northern Snippet created this back in June.

COVERING A MEMORABLE EVENT, on September 25th O estado da cozinha Portuguesa covered the story of the first ever  lunch in a salt pan ( almoço na salina ) .The story was further covered on September 27th

Sometimes the holding image on a blog post is arresting enough to stop you in your tracks and how beautiful was this mosaicesque image.You could feel the the passion and patience that had gone into the styling of this image.

WHAT`S IN A NAME, a warming bowl of Mantovani soup was just what the doctor ordered In October,and the charming story behind it,just added to its appeal.

I DO LOVE A GOOD TYPO,and this one was an absolute gem
On 15 October  2012 when I started to read Belleau kitchen´s -Apple and pear cake post the opening gambit carried carried a slight indiscretion, and I got more information than just a recipe for pear and apple cake.....

"... one of the upsetting things about the past twelve months that make up my anus horribilis is that I don't get to reap the rewards that working at such a fine home as Gunby Hall brings...."
I know your first sentence isn't supposed to be funny, but your Latin typo had me sniggering like a schoolgirl!!!
  1. which is funny because my anus is really rather lovely! x
  2. HA!!! (Screeching like Claudia Winkleman now!)
  3. Brilliant! The joy of typos!

AN IMPORTANT DISCOVERY  came while researching Indian food.This was a site I shall be visiting more often in 2013
    Happy New year to you all and keep on bloggin´
    braggin´and keepin´ me smilin´


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