Kitchen Disco

                                    Maravilhoso maravilhoso! 👏 e fantastico

OH WHAT JOY!!!,This is exactly what we all need.Its got me wearing pink tinsel and gold heels!!! I've actually had 'Stay At Home' stuck in my head since I first saw this video. Hearing the "THE MESSAGE" conveyed in this way actually resonates.If this is government advice,wouldn´t you rather take it from this woman than happy boy or doormat Hancock.It has inspired my daily circuit training round the kitchen table.When I''m cooking chicken breast with quinoa, I´m dancing and singing "Stay At Home"!! The first time I heard it I was so excited I nearly spilled my Gin and Tonic.The best thing about lockdown is this type of creative madness.This is a class act.I want lockdown to last for ever so we can enjoy more daily guilty pleasures,like this.ABSOLUTELY  FAABULOUSSS! Encore.......


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