Saline inspiration
The briney quality of seaside wine is definitely going to be all the rage this summer if I´ve got anything to say on the matter.

A savagely sunny day by the sea, a platter of perfectly grilled prawns, the aroma of succulent sweet and smoky sardines, indigenous and abundant sensual oysters – freshly caught and bought direct from the fisherman; and last but not least by any tipplers imagination a perfectly chilled bottle of the great beside the sea white wine, albariño/ alvarino.
 Seafood friendly, crisp, clean and citrussy,there aren´t enough adjectives to describe albariño or its Portuguese cousin alvarinho. One of not only Spain’s but Portugal´s gifts to the big wide wine world.The Iberian Peninsula’s greatest white grape variety is taking hold in pandemic proportions around the world right now.
The seasidey briney quality of this wine, so evocative of its origins whether it be Rías Baixas in Atlantic coastal Galicia, or the Minho region in Portugal,its zesty acid, bright citrus and green apple flavours, refreshing personality and full invigorating effect make it a superb seafood wine.It could even be a perfect pairing for fish and chips, where the wine’s acidity would make a refreshing foil to the battered crust.If you are not permitted to travel or meander on down to the costa del atlantico this summer here s a fantasy that can be easily fulfilled at home.

"Because the contrasts define me, I am unique. I'm different.MADE OF ATLANTIC. UNCONQUERABLE. " Mar de Frades website

Mar de Frades Albariño, Rías Baixas, Spain 2019
(Bodeboca 9.44 ) (UK £18.95,
Albariño has been in Galicia for the best part of a millennium, but there is great alvarinho – just across the border from Galicia in the Vinho Verde region of northern Portugal, from producers such as Anselmo Mendes (alvarinho contacto 2019) £14.44 UK 
( ) 9.44 (Garrafeira Soares PT)
Quinta de Soalheiro (Alvarinho soalheiro 2019; 9.49  (Garrafeira Soares PT) UK £11.01, Quinta de Soalheiro - Soalheiro Allo 2019 UK £6.92 (


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