Buy, shop, spend, eat, and enjoy local

                                            Same price better taste, better value

                   front   Well known international brand supermarket  €1.49  500g 

                         back   Local independent supermarket    €1.49   1.200kg

Supporting your local retailers helps communities to grow and thrive.This is particularly relevant in the current pandemic. By shopping at locally-owned businesses rather than international retailers, we consumers can have a truly positive impact on our country’s economy, people and environment.
Now, it’s easy to talk the talk and say we support local businesses. But are we really putting our money where our mouth is? In the picture above the larger bunch of grapes at the back was almost 3 times the weight of the punnet at the front and yet the same price.The larger bunch was locally grown just a few kilometres  outside our town.       The locally grown bunch had twice the flavour sweetness and quality of the supermarket bunch.I know which I would choose don´t you?, it goes without saying.


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