It takes two to Do Pyaza

      Photo: Bob Peters / Flickr
 Today I am so in love with the red – orangish color of this curry which looks like the perfect Indian Curry with lots of spices and flavours. Unfortunately we had some difficulties photographing the dish I cooked, so casa rosada can not take credit for the picture this time,instead I have shared a picture from The spruce eats, a website I refer to on many occasions.I find it very informative and highly recommend it . A subtle "curd" in this recipe cuts down the heat of red chili and makes this curry spicy but in a very subtle manner. My preference is to avoid watery eyes and runny noses while eating any curry, so for me this is a perfect chicken curry recipe .North-Indian cuisine offers a bevy of chicken curry dishes. Chicken do pyaza with tons of flavours and a creamy gravy is well worth a try. As the name of the dish suggests, two kinds of onions are added to the cooking.Do pyaza is a Persian word meaning (having) two onions. There are many stories related to the do pyaza curries, but there are two reasons why such recipes are named Do Pyaza.These dishes are prepared with large quantities of onions, added twice in a single preparation. One at the time of preparing curry paste and other just before the recipe is cooked.Even though I love some of the more classic curries like Rogan Josh, Murgh madami, Chicken Korma or tikka masala, sometimes I crave a change. This recipe doesn't require hours of marination. About 35-40 mins are enough to infuse flavours in the chicken and make it juicy and succulent. You begin by marinating the chicken with ginger, garlic paste, salt and red chilli powder, and keep aside while you prepare the rest of the recipe.While your chicken is marinating, prepare garam masala with green cardamom powder, black cardamom powder, cinnamon powder, clove powder and mace powder. Make a "curd" mix with turmeric powder red chilli powder and water.Start cooking by sauteing chopped onions and tomato puree. Add the "curd" mix to give a creaminess coupled with a sourness. Add the marinated chicken, prepared garam masala and large raw onion chunks. Add cream or greek yoghurt mixed with mint leaves, coriander leaves and kasuri methi for a fresh herby flavour. Let it all cook and you're done.


What would I drink with this? A good swiggable Oaked Rosé with a garnet hue would partner this curry perfectly.

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