Cant skip hope

When the Covid scenario engulfed us, Portugal was already one of the most approached destinations by international travellers. With 4 of the 21 safest destinations for this summer; The Algarve, Alentejo Madeira and the Azores being selected by the "European Best Destinations for summer 2020" within Europe. Three Portuguese beaches were among 10 selected as the  safest in Europe.
During the pandemic and confinement we needed to take a break, stand back and dream of the great days to come and face this pandemic together. Turismo de Portugal launched the initiative  #CantSkipHope (above) that significantly reached over 1.8 million people in over 90 countries. It is also translated into more than 12 languages, most of the translations were done by the users that wanted to share this inspirational message with the world.
According to Forwardkeys and The travel Outlook for Europe, Lisbon WAS one of the top 3 inbound destination cities for international travellers in October, November and December when accounting for tickets issued as of August 10. The World’s Best Destination continues to be authentic, diverse, attractive, inclusive and safe. Portugal continues to maintain their purpose and undertaking, namely to welcome all visitors and ensure that they can travel around the country safely and confidently. 

It’s time to say #CantSkipHope... Start planning now.


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