Far too busy to ever have had time to work

Time to put down and hang up the accoutrements of the job!!!!
Of the thousands of heartwarming comments that have been pouring in since the announcement of our retirement plans many have voiced concern as to whether "Rupert will still be continuing the food blog?". Of course he will dear hearts. He loves it far too much to ever let go.
It amazes me how facebook works. They informed us that the particular retirement post was performing better than other posts, and did we want to boost it!!! If only they had actually read what the post was about they would understand the irony of it all!!! We´d both like to thank you all for the kind and endearing comments you have left us, whether you have stayed here or not, or perhaps you just enjoy the food blog.,Never mind the overwhelming response on facebook back to the blog.,Retirement will allow me the benefit of more time to develop my writing and there are many many more posts in the pipeline.

seriously grumpy and always on the lookout for inspiration........
What I will say and I hope I wont lose too many of you here, I want to expand the blog to encompass a wider but still related subject matter. Profiles of food producers whom I classify as local heroes. More restaurant reviews, more book reviews, unusual techniques, I am becoming increasingly interested in the history of food, customs and the more unusual type of recipes.

.........and it often comes over a glass of wine, or two....

.....with good friends....
and one of those friends commenting on our retirement said
  "you'll be so busy you'll wonder how you ever had the time to work"          



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