A Condessa Descalça

Childhood Sweethearts Ina and Jeffrey-to have and to hold,from that day forward, for richer for poorer ( I don´t think that was ever an issue!!!) till the leftovers run out...which lets face it will never happen. During the week, Jeffrey Garten, a professor and former dean of the Yale School of Management, eats like many college students. He frequents diners and Chinese restaurants near his house in Southport, Connecticut.But on the weekends, when Garten is home in East Hampton, N.Y., he can savour the delicate flavors of his wife’s perfect cooking. Her meals are perfect  — because SHE IS Ina Garten, the celebrity chef known as the Barefoot Contessa.Mr. Garten appears often on her television shows as the quintessential bumbling husband.“Jeffrey is an easy audience,” she once  said in an interview. “He likes everything I make.”“He’s a deeply appreciative, incredibly supportive husband,” she said.
 “I was never allowed to cook when I was growing up,” Ina  recalled, explaining that her mother liked to have the kitchen to herself. so when she and Jeffrey got married, it was like taking off the shackles.Once those shackles came off, they never went back on.
The Barefoot Contessa in London is a dazzling all-new one hour "holiday" special where she explores the London food scene then inspired by her "delicious discoveries" she conjures up "incredible unmissable holiday meals and parties with a British twist" back home in East Hampton.It all started one night when Jeffrey got home late only to be served up Bangers and Mash, He must have been so disappointed not to say mal- nourished. Ina served him up just one sausage sliced on the diagonal "restaurant style" on a bed of sloppy gloop, not mash by English standards.It got a result though. Jeffrey obviously realised Ina needed some Inspiration regarding her knowledge of traditional English dishes: He offered to take her on a trip to London!!!Others like Jeffrey are disappointed with her culinary Knowledge too. One Portuguese follower Blogged after watching Ina cook "Chicken with Morels"....
"I've just watched the episode on tv, somebody pleeeease let her know that Madeira wine is PORTUGUESE not Spanish! She should know that better! The wine come from Madeira island in Portugal!"
Mrs. Garten says she loves cooking for her husband. But she’s not looking for him to start helping out in the kitchen.Why am I not surprised!!!

In addition, Garten has a brand of food products — The Barefoot Contessa Pantry — available in stores across the United States.


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