‘Oh, we must have a quiche! Such fun!’

The new quiche combo, Paio,eggs, bacon,peas and herbs
Don´t be embarrassed,Quiche Lorraine is back in fashion. The culinary answer to Brentford Nylons, the poplin shirt accesorized with a Tootal tie, 70´s fashion at its lowest.A reminder of the age when eyes were popping out and lips were receeding, and so forget Lorraine and enter paio, its time to re-invent Quiche.Retro dining is back but with fresh and unexpected new ingredients.
Eça de Queiroz(hailed as  one of the best Portuguese writers of all time)was partial to the combination of eggs cooked with Paio (smoked sausage).
`What a nuisance! I arrived from Paris with this voracious appetite and forgot to ask for a big platter of peas and paio for dinner!´ Eça de Queiroz,The Maias (Os Maias)
I am putting myself through a crash course in Portuguese literature at the moment and am currently working my way through some of the novels of Queiroz.Expect a lot of quotes over the coming months as these books are full of characters who enjoy their food.-Such fun!
The two core ingredients of Quiche Lorraine are obviously smoked meat and eggs, whatever happens after that is up to the individual and whether it remains quiche or becomes bacon and egg pie or sausage and egg flan.Veggies put their mark on quiche by removing the meat entirely.Can I have a pea please Bob?

Quiche com Ervilhas e paio
Quiche with smoked sausage and peas 

250g /8oz home made or pre- prepared low fat short crust pastry  
( masa quebrada sem gorduras)
6 eggs
1cup(8fl oz) milk
175g (6oz) good quality paio, Smoked sausage of the alentejan black pig,
skin removed and chopped
(chopped cooked smoked ham or bacon can be substituted)
1/3 cup grated queijo sao Jorge, queijo da ilha 
( matured cheddar can be substituted )
2 tablespoons chopped chives
1 tablespoon chopped thyme or parsley
2 teaspoons Dijon mustard
cracked black pepper
Enough thin slices of bacon,rind removed, to cover the top of the quiche

Roll out the pastry on a lightly floured board to 3mm (1/8in) thick. Place the pastry in a 25cm (10in) quiche pan or pie dish and trim the edges. Refrigerate for 30 minutes. Prick the base of the pastry all over with a fork. and line with non-stick baking parchment. Fill the shell with baking weights or beans and and bake at 180C (350F) for 5 minutes. Remove weights and paper and cook for a further 5 minutes.(this process keeps the pastry crisp when adding wet ingredients to the shell).Place the eggs and milk in a bowl and whisk to combine. Add the paio, cheese, chives, thyme, mustard and pepper. Mix to combine.Pour the mixture into the pastry shell, top with the rindless bacon rashers and bake at 160C (315F) for 35-45 minutes or until the pie is set. Serve in hot or cold edges with a cherry tomato and new potato salad.


  1. Wanted to send an email but don't seem able too. So many really delicious recipes on your blog. Thank you for paying compliments on the Guardian blog. I am most certainly reciprocating (and not because you said something nice first). I really look forward to calling back to read more.

  2. For future reference you can email me through my profile at UKFBA Uk food Bloogers. Certainly hope you call back.


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