Waist disposal....

The starting point- an overweight fat git - Ohhhhh cozinheiro!!!!! 
...Who you gonna call - fat busters
When you look at yourself naked in the mirror and what looks back at you is an image not far removed from the famous 1991 Vanity Fair cover of a naked and pregnant Demi Moore, It´s time to start looking at your lifsetyle.I am overcome by the fear of fat and I don´t even have the privilege of being pregnant.The excesses of Christmas bingeing have taken their toll on my figure.I have to act fast on changing my diet and starting a vigorous exercise programme.
First and foremost a little knowledge, patience and some commonsense needs to be applied to my regime.The bad news is my belly´s looking more like like a large laundry bag than a washboard, and I need to lose enough girth to get into those favourite Ted Baker Chinos again.I have to burn off excess middle body fat.No diet known to man will blast fat off a particular body part. A million sit-ups and crunches are not going to give me abs like giant raviolis, if the rest of my body looks like a stuffed canneloni. - Aerobic exercise is the answer, not something I´ve ever been very good at. The good news is, its possible.All it takes is some time, discipline, of which I have very little, hard work, not bad on that front and, most importantly an entirely new approach to eating.I have created a regime for myself which involves an aerobic exercise routine, 5 days a week.My plan is to target the `Pot´ belly- the most noticeable sign of someone´s lack of fitness.Many are proud of it; saying it took many years of of over indulgence to get it that way. A minority these days!!! The health of the body is related to the healthy functioning of the digestive system and its efficiency. Maintaining a correct weight matched to your height is also essential.Flat and trim abdominals give an athletic appearance and a certain sporty look. It´s also nice to know that you can again fit into last year´s trousers or skirt.To get rid of the `pot´ belly I am going to concentrate on what goes into my my stock `pot.´I am planning some nutritious healthy option meals for the next couple of months that hopefully will help with fat loss and at the same time compliment the exercise programme that I intend to put myself through.I will be charting my progress through the blog and will be posting exercise regimes with accompanying recipes for everbody to share. 
I will of course report all hiccups along the line and confess to any unnecessary indulgences.......No more Demi Moore. 


  1. but this is the picture of a healthy man... I think you may have body dismorphic issue my friend!... good luck anyway... I put on about half a stone when I started my food blog!


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