I´d like to propose a toast

Man does not live on bread alone. He needs toast, and not just any toast. I´d like to propose that you try this Cheesy aloo toast. A sort of cheesy cross between a slice of deep pan pizza, a Spanish tortilla and an Irish farl, or an old fashioned potato cake. If two of your favourite things are pizza and curry read on... 
Just when you think you have heard of all kinds of bizarre pizza creations, the world surprises you with another. It took a while for people to settle with the idea of pineapples on pizza, and now the internet is divided over kiwi on pizza. In addition to  toppings, pizza dough is also getting quirkier by the day. From cauliflower to naan pizza, you must have heard of many interesting ingredients that are being used for pizza. But have you heard of aloo toast / pizza ? India shares a unique love affair with potatoes. We, the rest of the world, love potatoes to an extent that we can have it throughout the day in any number of forms. The humble tuber can be used to churn out a variety of dishes. Aloo toast/pizza may just become your latest go-to potato delicacy. I even tried it as a brunch dish, topping it with a fried egg and it was yummy.In fact I do believe i´ve just made the first ever  vegetarian Portuguese tosta mista.

As I´ve said, our love for potato and potato-based food items needs no introduction! It is the one versatile vegetable in your pantry that is used to prepare a myriad of dishes. It has a bland taste and adapts to the flavour of the spices used in the recipe. Moreover, the starchy texture of potato helps give any desired shape to a dish. From the gooey mashed potato to long crispy French fries - preparing delicious recipes with potato is not a struggle at all. In fact, it is one such vegetable that makes a popular choice for many food experimentations.
I unearthed this unique potato-based dish that I feel can be a perfect insatiable yummy snack.  It is called cheese-burst aloo toast. As the name suggest, it is loaded with cheese, potato, veggies and spices  In the recipe, a soft dough is prepared which is mixed with grated boiled potato, onion, carrot, capsicum, beans, coriander leaves, chilli flakes, turmeric powder, garam masala powder, black pepper, ginger-garlic-chilli paste, salt, oil and  flour. However, you can customise the vegetables as you wish, ( I am going to try aubergine and courgette next time ) keeping the potatoes constant. The dough is then divided into two equal pieces and rolled out into thick rotis.
Now, add cubes of  cheese in a clock pattern on top of one roti (keeping equal distance between the cubes) and cover it with the other. Cut them into small triangle (pizza-like) shapes and deep fry them in oil. Your crispy, cheesy aloo toasts are ready to relish.

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