2020 in a nutshell

My favorite food photograph of 2020  Rahul Mandal’s spiced apple pavlova
So many things that occurred in 2020 feel like a lifetime ago, and at the same time, a lot of other things feel like they just happened yesterday. But if there's anything to be learned in 2020, (aside from the ability to completely lose all concepts of time) it's the power of resilience and patience, and we most certainly learnt how to be more patient this year. Whether it was waiting patiently for groceries, en attendant a rise in sourdough, or tackling that in-depth paint by number kit, there were moments which will have firmly stuck in our memories. In one paragraph this is how my blog has covered the rollercoaster year that was 2020....

How it started, how the supply chain adapted, how restaurants innovated then temporarily closed, THE FEAR, more permanent closures of food businesses. How people found solace at home, the comfort of recipes, the new found joy of baking. The relentless uncertainty. Restaurants pivoting to takeaways and home delivery, creating meal kits from scratch. I don´t think any of this will be forgotten in a hurry. Here is a reminder of some of the best food moments of the past year. I’m not sure how one interprets 'best', but these have been stand out moments for me.

Marcus Rashford´s free school meals campaign

Santos Shah,runner up on "Masterchef,The Professionals"

Nigella´s pronunciation of “meecro-wa-vay

Nigella Lawson giving us permission not to peel carrots and striking a chord with home cooks when she branded carrots cut into rounds 'infinitely depressing'. She insisted the vegetable should be sliced into batons. 

The great Scotch eggs debate

Every episode of "2020 Great British bake off" 

Woman Creates Stunning Chandelier Out Of Pasta Shells

 The increase in not just writers who are interesting, but writers who demonstrate that their work is guided by a set of values, over and above the correctness of their own opinions. It’s very encouraging to  have seen a rebuff against the lazy, unthinking — and sometimes, out and out ignorant and racist — writing that complacency so easily lapses into. So anything that represents that rebuff would be a best food moment of 2020 — be it a newsletter, an article in a publication, a meme or a tweet. 

Somebody feed Phil "The Lisbon Episode" on Netflix

Sophie Ellis Bextor´s Kitchen disco

Restaurants and bars re-opening in July and seeing dining rooms and terraces full of people again. 

The demise of an "Oven ready" Brexit. A meal  going off before it was delivered.

UNEP appoints renowned Italian chef and food system activist
Massimo Bottura as Goodwill Ambassador for food wast

Happy new year everyone!!!! 


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