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In Italian a puttanesca is a `lady of the night´ and in Portugal a puta is a whore. Spaghetti Putanesca is literally tart´s spaghetti. In keeping with the general gist of this I have prostituted the recipe, and the bastard child I have produced is son of puta, a risotto-esque cake, a teasingly provocative appetizer or starter that presents itself as a perfect Portuguese petisco. This tarty little pasta item dressed up and made to look attractive, provides a sexy starter and will bring repute to any house, giving your summer dinner a bootylicious kick start.

Bolinha Puta Portuguesa

Serves 4
200g Pontinha,  risone or other rice shaped pasta
Extra virgine olive oil
200g fresh chopped tomato
20g chopped capers
40g chopped black olives
20g fresh oregano
1 tablespoon concentrated tomato paste
1 piri piri pepper or malagueta
Flor de sal aromatica

Cook the rice shaped pasta, following the method for a risotto. Warm the olive oil in a pan add the rice pasta and stir to coat in the olive oil.gradually add a boiling organic vegetable bouillon, preferably Marigold until the pasta is cooked. remove from the heat and, while still hot stir in the chopped fresh tomato, capers, olives, fresh oregano, tomato paste and chilli. Season with the flor de sal, Spread the resulting mix into a pre-oiled shallow tray lined with cling film and leave to set. Keep in the refrigerator for several hours or overnight until set firm. Turn the tray over and carefully peel away the cling film.Cut into small circular pieces with a pastry cutter.


  1. Ooh you made a really tidy job of that.Or you could set in ring moulds?
    Looks lovely BTW.


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