Its a Rum life- but we´ll muddle through

Is there any drink sexier than rum? The very name conjures up images of tanned torsos white sand and blue skies. Its seductive flavour and occasional spicy hit make it a terrific base for a cool sexy summer cocktail.
As joyful as samba, with the charm of Copacabana,and far better than Brazilian soccer - Caipirinha (ka-pur-een-ya) is by far the best known Brazilian drink.
Like any great cocktail, art and skill are required to make a great Caipirinha. Too much of any one thing – lime, sugar, or Cachaça – and the delicious concoction from Brazil will be anything but delicious. Too sour, too sweet, or too much Cachaça, and you have a cocktail out of kilter. And like life, it’s all about balance for any great cocktail.
Let’s start with the basics: what is a Caipirinha, and how is it made? The national cocktail of Brazil, the Caipirinha is a combination of muddled lime, sugar, and Cachaça served on the rocks in a glass tumbler. Take a good size lime, cut it into 8 wedges, and place 4 wedges in your glass tumbler. Add two teaspoons of sugar, mash the lime and sugar with a muddler for 15 seconds, and add crushed ice up to the rim of the glass. Add two ounces of Cachaça, stir thoroughly, and garnish with a lime wedge.

Best caipirinha destination: Cafe Porto Seguro, Praia Verde.
Here head honcho Senhor Joao, master muddler will mix you the best Caipirinha on the Algarve coast.

Porto Seguro (Portuguese for "Safe Port"). is a municipality in the Brazilian state of Bahia. It is the site where the Portuguese explorer Pedro Álvares Cabral  first set foot on Brazilian soil on April 22, 1500. It was the busiest port of the developing Portuguese colonies from 1500 into the early 19th century and is now a major tourist destination.


  1. This rocks! If it's sunny this weekend (and there's been a rumour it might be), I am down to the market to buy my own body weight in fresh limes :)


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