The label said not....

                   ...But the fruit said yellow. 

Last year I bought a peach tree from what I thought to be a reputable garden centre in near neighbouring Andalucia. The variety of peach was supposed to be The Paraguayo variety. I duly planted and waited, but a year down the line what came to maturity was an Amarelo ( yellow fleshed) peach. How disappointing. The paraguyo does not usually grow in the Algarve so Portuguese garden centres do not normally carry stock of them. I was so excited to be a potential Portuguese grower of the paraguayo, but alas, at the end of the day  can you trust a label?

The yellow flesh peaches tend to have a more Acidic tang than the white flesh peaches.

For a fresh salad idea, combine sliced peaches with shredded barbequed chicken, baby Asian salad greens, sliced avocado and camembert cheese. Drizzle with a mixture of olive oil and lime juice.
For a fresh breakfast, peel peaches and remove stones. Puree the flesh until smooth then swirl through natural yoghurt. Serve over fruit salad or cereal.


  1. Bummer!! Sorry your peach tree isn't as advertised :( but hooray for that gorgeous peach hanging off its branches :) Love the salad idea, would have NEVER thought to add camembert cheese - I can imagine how delicious that would be!! YUM!

  2. O I love Paraguayos too.. such a delicate scent and taste...

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