O sal na pedra -The salt in the stone

As in Arthurian legend this is once and future cooking
Stone Age man discovered that salt made food taste better, plus preserved it for later consumption. Centuries later, man found that food cooked on salt tastes really good, too.That's right, cooked on salt. With the discovery of salt deposits left behind by receding seas,salt can be quarried in much the same way as marble or granite.The salt block adds a subtle flavour of salt without being salty
You can cook on it, freeze it and eat ice cream off it or serve sushi on it. However you use a block,whether you heat it, freeze it,or just use it as a vehicle to carry the food. Without you having to pre-season the food it will take on a tinge of salt and minerals that is sublime.
To test if the block is hot, paint on a dollop of olive oil.If It sizzles, just as a pat of butter sizzles when added to a hot skillet, you are ready to go.
Unlike a griddle pan this is slow cooking,it lacks the ferocity of a griddle and it is easier to see the meat or fish taking on some colour as it cooks, so you have more control over texture and flavour.Now you want one? You do don´t you, you do?

 Atum na pedra( tuna on the stone) a meal fit for a king

Vazia novilho na pedra (steak on the stone)

Sardinhas (Sardines)

Mascarpone ice cream ( on a frozen stone)


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