You can have your cake and eat it

A rainy afternoon treat
Yesterday our oven door broke, deeming the oven unusable.The technician came to assess the damage and took it away overnight with a pledge to return with the repaired door in the morning. Well the oven man nao cometh and today found us with a disabled oven.Dinner, which was supposed to have been baked in the oven, had to be deep fried.No loss of taste or quality there but more importantly it is Saturday, the rain has been chucking it down all day and finding myself in the kitchen I wanted a cake for an afternoon treat.I needed a no-cook cake.It is a common thing for people to hear the story of Peter Pan and Neverland and to think that they too never want to grow up.I am one of those, but age can be a funny thing, it sometimes manifests itself in foolish infatuations and guilty pleasures, and a return to childhood. One of my guilty pleasures is chocolate corn flake crispies.With no oven and yet another expat craving coming on, I decided to make this classic childrens tea party item. It is surprisingly difficult  to find a recipe for these, but also surprisngly easy to make one up. Here´s what I did

100g Corn Flakes
100g Melted chocolate
50g Butter
1 Tsp Golden syrup
Melt chocolate and  butter in a pan,add the syrup,stir in the Corn Flakes,toss well till everything is well coated.Spoon into paper cake cases and put in the fridge till set.

Who needs fancy chocolate cakes when you can have these. 


  1. I make these to take in to the guys in the office. People start squealing with delight! Honestly! And the amount of goodwill they generate is legendary :)


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