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"Pandemic Pantry"

Two-Toned Non-fiction Kindle Cover
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This FREE Online Global Community Cookbook Coming Soon!
 Ready for download mid-April,watch this space for updates.
With the worrying Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic affecting most countries globally, our everyday lives are taking a different path while our countries try and contain the spread of the virus to a more manageable level.
During this period of uncertainty and adjustment, with some businesses on lockdown, with some people being laid off from work and increasingly empty supermarket shelves, accessibility to services, food, and a safe economy are no longer guaranteed for our shorter-term future. Therefore it’s important we try and pull together, become practical and savvy, make the best of what we’ve got, use our ingenuity and exhibit compassion and kindness for those in need and always ‘keep calm and carry on’.

About The Pandemic Pantry FREE online global community cookbook project.
This blog on behalf of casa rosada has already submitted recipes to this project.
Do you have simple recipes with simple ingredients that you’ve tried and tested? The ingredients should include more readily available food items during these uncertain times or food that is easily storable long term.
‘Pandemic Pantry’ PDF community cookbook is something that can be used by everyone? Each recipe that is submitted and used will include your name and, county/state and country after it. (and if you want to submit a small head and shoulders photo with it to be used in the recipe book please feel free).

PLEASE submit your recipes, hints/tips ASAP to


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