Back to life, back to reality, however do you want me, however do you need me

Carpaccio di polvo,Cha com agua salgada, Manta Rota

I’m an avid home cook, as you all well know,  but preparing two or more meals a day, as many of us have been doing during lockdown, can be taxing, to say the least. Food shopping becomes an ordeal, rather than a pleasure, and the mere thought of planning ahead often seems too much. I´ve been cooking almost non-stop every day for nearly 5 months. Some days that need has been a source of great joy. On others, it has been a source of much sighing.Either way its happened - day after day meal after meal,resulting in monotony.However much you love cooking you can´t help an intense hankering for someone else´s cooking. Even a take away would break that monotony and prompt the satisfaction of that insatiable appetite. That is not an option, short of travelling 26 kilometres and by the time we got the food home it would be cold. It makes me pine even more. Meanwhile one more month until the 19th April while patience is a virtue, I decided to play a little game. If a takeaway was at all possible which of my most coveted, most ordered restaurant dishes would I choose that ticks all the boxes..However you look at it, you can't deny that we need them, they need us. Based on my repeat orders from a handful of our favourite restaurants here is my top selection.

Secretos de porco preto Tasca Medieval,Castro Marim

Tempura de camarao.Cha com agua salgada, Manta Rota

Croquetas de calamar com aioli de algas.LPA, Ayamonte
Tuna loin cooked on a salt stone with ratatouille of vegetables,
Shellfish cataplana, Tasca Medieval, Castro Marim
The message remains the same,however much they want us, however much we need them, lets all work together to make the hospitality industry survive.See you very soon guys, for "bom apetite." Beijos até então. Eu estou morrendo de fome!!!


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