Fudging it - Chocolate salt fudge ediçao limitado

 Most certainly from another time, 
one when there was a thing called a sweet shop.

Sugary, soft and irresistible....sweet tooths everywhere will appreciate a square of this home made chocolate salt fudge from Salmarim and Casa Rosada.To celebrate the Day of the Kings (6 January) we got together to create a limited edition product which we released to a selective audience on Friday.
Its a long way from Tavira to Tobermory, Taunton or Tintagel,but if you are in search of some of the best fudge you can be sure you´ll be heading to one of these places to find it. Happily its much easier to make fudge in the Algarve than it is to make the journey all the way to Tobermory.
The components of Fudge are very similar to the traditional recipe for Scots Tablet, which is noted in "The Household Book of Lady Grisell Baillie" (1692-1733), and the term "fudge" is often used in the United Kingdom for a softer variant of the tablet recipe. Chocolate fudge is something I think of as more American,so having never made fudge before I have kind of fudged the recipe, ending up with a final product that is half way in texture to tablet
Até aos Reis há festa!!!!!

but with a full chocolate taste contrasted with vanilla smoked salt and a hint of Seville oranges.And the recipe I sourced came from the Vogue Entertaining Australia cookbook.Well isn´t it just amazing how things come together?
Easy no cook chocolate and 
vanilla salt fudge
Melt 125g good quality dark chocolate and 60g butter in a owl over simmering water and stir to combine.Add 1/4 cup evaporated milk and finely grated zest of 1 orange.beat in 375g icing sugar until the mixture is smooth.Spoon into an18cm square shallow tin lined with greaseproof paper.level it out and set aside till firm,then turn out and cut into squares.
Makes 36 pieces


  1. It sounds wonderful - melt-on-your-mouth delicious. Perhaps worth posting a recipe in time for Valentine's Day as a sweet token for one's beloved?

    BTW making fudge suddenly dredged up a memory from my childhood - making fudge with my mother after watching Clement Freud on Jackanory!


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