How I miss a biscuit

Hardly a day goes by when I have not left a half eaten biscuit somewhere.You are enjoying a mid morning cuppa and the phone rings.You might or might not take your mug of tea with you, but by the time you have finished your conversation there is no biscuit.Maybe dog had it ? Maybe not.The postman or courier rings the door belI and wants you to sign for a delivery.You receive the delivery and then something jogs your memory... Where´s my tea, where´s my biscuit? I have found half eaten biscuits in the strangest of places.Once I even found half a biscuit under the bed.Eating a biscuit requires concentration and is not something that lends itself to multi-tasking.Perhaps a biscuit needs a plate? It is difficult to lose both a plate and a biscuit,or perhaps not.The biscuit I found under the bed was sitting on a plate.
How often have you been in the situation of "Where is my biscuit?" Does anyone else share this sentiment or am I alone in my madness? I would love to hear other peoples biscuit stories.


  1. I think . . . you may be alone on this . . . very alone!

    I'm afraid I am more like Jennifer Saunders in the classic playground wagon wheel sketch!


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